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Marketing Programs

Feeder Cattle

AAC, LLC has developed two types of feeder calf programs. These programs are designed to develop the calf so when they are sold they are healthy and ready to reach there potential.

  1. Farm Raised Calves are VA Quality Assured (VQA) Feeder Cattle that are weaned, source verified Gold (health assured) and Purple Tagged (health and genetics assured).

  2. Custom back-grounding at fed together sites is designed to take calves from various farms, put them in groups to develop feeder cattle to sell in the VQA Program ( purple tagged, health and genetics assured) . These feeder cattle will sell VQA plus Age and Source Verified with RFID Tags.

Commercial Replacement Heifers

These calves are developed under the VA Premium Assured Heifer Program (VPAHP). This program is designed to return heifers to the home farm or market through VPAHP sales. These sales take place twice a year.

The VPAHP exists to provide a template for the proper development and management of beef females. Heifers are certified for health, reproductive and physical soundness, along with genetics. To learn more about the VPAHP program visit