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Formed in the spring of 1992, the Amelia County Cattlemen’s Association was organized to further promote the education of its members and to facilitate the group purchase of feed supplements. Since that time the group has also developed various cattle marketing programs, has financially assisted young people interested in the livestock industry, and has helped other local cattle producer groups in organizing.

The Amelia County Cattlemen’s Association was one of the first local groups to sell a fed together load lot of feeder cattle through VCA’s Tel-O-Auction program in 1996. The group now offers its members several opportunities per year to sell their cattle in this manner. The group has adopted the Virginia Quality Assured (VQA) feeder cattle health guidelines for their load lot sales.

Members of the association were also some of the first in Virginia to explore retained ownership of their calves by sending their cattle in the initial shipment of Virginia’s ROP program.

The Amelia group has also developed a replacement heifer development and marketing program using the Virginia Premium Assured Heifers (VAPAH) standard. The group now offers their VAPAH Heifers through an auction sale twice a year.

In 1992 the association initiated a scholarship for high school seniors pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree in the field of agriculture. Education continues to be an important purpose of the organization. Three educational meetings or field days are conducted annually. The association’s leadership has also been helpful in providing educational and organizational expertise to other producer groups throughout the state. In 2003 the organization became the Amelia Area Cattlemen Limited Liability Company. The LLC format was adopted to open up the potential to assist smaller groups in central and southeast Virginia function more efficiently.

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